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Milky Peaks

When Milky Peaks, a small, isolated and completely normal town in the bosom of Snowdonia, is nominated for the 'Britain’s Best Town' award, everyone is very pleased. However, the award has a dark side that threatens to blow the community apart. Meanwhile, in the mountains, something huge and gorgeous stirs...


A fabulous Greek chorus of draggy Celtic spirits tells this new queer Welsh fable, packed with original pop belters. A ravishing small-town epic about identity and community: what we’ll do to ourselves to fit into it, and what we’ll do to others to protect it.

Milky Peaks is currently being developed with the support of Theatr Clwyd and  Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru. The final sections of research and development will happen in 2019, with the musical going into production early 2020


by Rebecca Humphries

Red/Wolf is a unique and subversive cabaret that twists the tale of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and takes it to dark places.

We all know how the story goes;

– Girl visits sick grandmother
– She enters wood & strays from the path
– She encounters a wolf
– Evil is unleashed
– Good prevails

But somehow, on re-reading, it’s hard to accept it can be that simple.

Rebecca Humphries revisits the classic Brother’s Grimm story and, through original music and black comedy, explores its’ underlying themes. Of responsibility. Family. Fear. And the wolves that exist within ourselves.