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Áine Flanagan

Managing Director 

After touring both Ireland and the United Kingdom as a Company and Stage manager for several years, Áine Flanagan moved to the UK to pursue a career as an independent producer. Wanting to combine a love for contemporary theatre with her B.A in Visual Arts Practice she took part in the award winning Theatre503’s resident assistant producer programme. This experience launched her producing career. She went on to assistant produce and production manage numerous productions for the venue.

In 2014 Áine Flanagan took ‘Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho’ to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This introduced her to a world where non-traditional theatre goers could be ushered into venues, where people with little interest in their local theatres took pride in having multiple ticket stubs in their pockets. A passion was ignited to emulate this atmosphere and its accessibility to the wider audience.

Áine Flanagan has received a StageOne Bursary to help support and develop her company.


How to Win Against History LTD

How to Win Against History LTD was created in 2014 after a successful meeting between Áine Flanagan and Seiriol Davies and an email which ended with PS You had me at Smash; Cleopatra sealed the deal.


The rest, as they say is history.


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