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★★★★★ Evening Standard 

★★★★★ The I Newspaper

 Prom Kween is a coming of age comedy for those who hit that age years ago.

It’s got it all; the jocks, the nerds, the mean girls……and RuPaul Charles. Yes hunties – RuPaul Charles.

It’s a show for any kid who took their glasses off and still didn’t feel pretty. Any kid who couldn’t understand why being a bitch made boys like you. Any kid who questioned what it meant to be beautiful.

It’s a story of falling in love; with who you are.

Prom Kween is a genuinely funny feel-good show. Behind the glitter and the pop culture references it is a thoughtfully constructed musical comedy boasting a few subversive touches to keep the audience on its toes. – The Stage

Very cleverly written and performed with real class, if you can stop laughing (and dancing and singing along) you’ll see a beautiful and inspirational message hiding behind all those dazzling sequins. ★★★★★​ Theatre​ ​Weekly

Full of surprises, triumphs, and surprisingly touching moments that wholeheartedly celebrate inclusivity ★★★★★​ Everything​ ​Theatre

Unashamedly proud of its identity and genre, and how it completely owns it ★★★★★​ A​ ​Younger​ ​Theatre

Very camp, very snappy show tunes. Full of pithy jokes, on-point pop culture references and superb surprises, ‘Prom Kween’ is a life-affirming musical★★★★★​Three​ ​Weeks

Winner  The Stage Award                    Winner - Three Weeks Editors Award

Winner - Vaults Comedy Award                      Fringe Total Sell Out 2017


Written and Directed by Rebecca Humphries 

Original Score by Jo Cichonska

Additional composition, arrangement and music production by Tim Gardner

Music Direction by Tim Gardner

Choreography by Lily MaeGregor

2018 Cast: Joe DaCosta, Sarah Daykin, William Donaldson, Bart Edwards, Natalie Klamar

Produced by Áine Flanagan Productions

Prom Kween's development was supported by Harlow Playhouse and Arts Council England.

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